It's time to say goodbye..

What happened to CloudJetty?

CloudJetty was launched in 2009 as an experiment in running a community-maintained buyers' guide for the latest web-based services and applications.

Unfortunately, the pace of development quickly fell short of what was needed to keep up with the rapidly changing SaaS and cloud services scene. For years CloudJetty has been running "in limbo" with no real effort being expended to keep the product current.

Why was that? Two main reasons:

  • All our development resources were quickly pre-empted by more immediate revenue-generating opportunities.
  • The "killer feature" we had in mind involved integrating purchase and payment for services. Given the lack of standards in the industry, this was either going to be a pipe-dream or require so much development effort that it was infeasible.

So I think the decision to decommission CloudJetty is long overdue. From 10-Nov-2015 the site will no longer be available but will redirect to this goodbye message.

Is it gone for good, or just for now? I don't know, we'll see!

CloudJetty Alternatives?

If you are still looking for cloud applications, then I'd recommend checking out services such as GetApp, which are doing a much better job of being a buyers' guide than CloudJetty ever approached.


If you have enquiries about CloudJetty or the data that was held in CloudJetty, feel free to contact me at